Our teams

All of our teams are listed opposite. We do have more than one team in some age groups and are extending this for other age groups. If you are interested in your son/daughter playing for a particular team, contact the manager who will be dleighted to give you further information. All managers details can be found on the contacts page or specific team page opposite.


Under 18's

>Under 16's

>Under 15's

>Under 14's

Under 13's - Jets

Under 13's - Sharks

Under 12's - Tornadoes

Under 12's - Hurricanes

Under 11's - Lions

Under 11's - Tigers

Under 10's - Panthers

Under 10's - Pumas

Under 9's - Eagles

Under 9's - Hawks

Under 8's - Spartans

Under 8's - Trojans

>Under 7's - Warriors

Under 7's - Falcons

>Under 6's